FuturArc Prize


Registration Requirements

All Individual and Team Entrants are required to register online via the Competition website: Click here.

There is no fee for registration.

Registration Protocol

Entrants must complete an entry form on the Competition website. In the case of a Team Entrant, the leader of the team will undertake registration formalities.

A unique user identity number (ID) and password will then be sent to the Entrant’s email address indicated on the entry form. With these, s/he can log in onto the Competition website, access Entrant profile and upload submission materials.

Entrants must register more than once if they intend to make multiple submissions. Each user ID can be used for making one submission only. The use of a single user ID to submit more than one submission is forbidden and may lead, at the Jury’s discretion, to the disqualification of all submissions marked with this user ID.