No fee is required.

Entrants must tender all submissions in electronic format online via the Competition website.

No hard copy submissions will be accepted.


All submissions must be tendered anonymously, identified only by the unique User IDs assigned to the Entrants during registration.

Entrants must NOT display their names, countries of residence and/or practice anywhere on the panels. Failure to do so may lead to the disqualification.


Limited to 5 members.



Entrants may be asked to present themselves via Skype for an interview on the days of the jury meeting, to be confirmed later. This is subject to the needs of the judging process.


Specified submission template to be followed.

Images should consist only of drawings, rendered images, photographs and thumbnails (RGB, 72 DPI).

Text in images should be limited to captions only, and presented within the submitted panels.

The jury reserves the right to ignore lengthy text explanations found within images.


Maximum file size = 10 MB, submitted in PDF format, A2 size.
Recommended font size for main text = 11

To compress a PDF file, you may use HTTPS://SMALLPDF.COM/COMPRESS-PDF

Entrants may be asked for files at a higher resolution of 300 DPI. Competition Registrar will advise Entrants if/when high-resolution softcopies are needed.


The contents of the panels should be sufficient to impart a clear understanding of proposal; explore and present according to the stated evaluation criteria. 

Scales that are necessary to comprehend certain drawings (plans, sections, etc.) must be shown as graphic scales next to the drawing.

Under no circumstances will the Jury consider additional panels, materials or individual images that do not fit into submission template.


Only winners and merit recipients (ie., runners-up) will be notified individually via email after 31 March 2020.