FuturArc Prize

Judging Criteria 

The jury is looking for solutions that are plausible and rooted in local conditions. Judging will be based on these equally weighted (20% each) criteria:

1. Embeddedness: Explain which systems are engaged and how this development, on this site, connects with the flows and networks around it.

For e.g., energy and materials; water and hydrology; biodiversity and habitats; food and nutrient cycles; public and social space, etc. The selection of systems must be explained with relevant analyses of site and context.

2. Impact: Explain how the development contributes to the wider good.

This cannot be at the expense of the project’s own programmatic goals, i.e., it must successfully function as a residential or commercial development.

3. Innovation: Explore new ways to engage systems.

How does architectural form and typology affect the potential to engage systems? How might the mechanical systems inside a building connect with the natural systems outside? How does site planning alter the relationship of a development to the community around it?

4. Replicability: Show what it would mean to the city if more buildings were designed this way.

Show how these ideas, translated to policy, might alter the city over time. 

Entrants are encouraged to present ideas in conceptual and strategic ways, with a calibrated amount of detail.